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Our standard

This standard was written by a group of module builders in the Stockholm area during the autumn of 2009. It is based on the FREMO standard for US layouts. The group wrote the standard to help members building module with American prototype. The goal was to get a modular setup that had followed American prototype and allowed dens traffic during shows.

Our standard is based on the standard for FREMO H0-US Southwest Division.We have added some extra demands in our standard. Our modules is 100 % compatible with their standard which makes it possible for members in the group to participate in future FREMO events.

The standard is covering both double track and single track modules. All modules should be built to suit different eras.

Differences compared to the FREMO H0-US Southwest Division's standard:

  • We build most of our mogules with a color mixture which represents the south western part of US. This mixture consists of Woodland Scenic's, 2 parts T43, 1 part T44 and 2 parts T50. We do also accept the more green color mixture representing the north east part of US.
  • We allow simpler leg arrangements to simplify transportation of the modules.
  • We demand larger curve radius. We use at least 2000 mm on double track curves and 1500 mm on single track curves.
  • We use only one type of ballast. We use Woodland Scenic's B1393 Gray Blend Fine Ballast for all double track and the same ballast at the module ends on single track modules.

We will extend the standard to include narrow gauge and dual gauge track modules when we get members with this interest.


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