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Our modules

These are some of the modules and we hope they can inspire others to build US prototype modules.


Tower Junction

A two section module with a crossing between a single track and double track and an interchange track. The crossing is protected with signals.

The module can also be used as two independent modules.



A two section module where the double track main continues into a single track main. A branch line is extending to the right. The pictures shows the module at the meet in Lidingö. The module is missing a Tower and signals.


Cross Over

Double track module with a cross over and a siding with the Ash Grove Cement plant. The signals indicate the route through the crossover and stops anyone from running into a switch which is closed against them.



Single track module through a cut. Wide radius 3750 mm.


Single track module over fill and a bridge. Wide radius 3750 mm.


Peterville PA Peterville is a town with a passenger station and some industries. It was built to an exhibition in the end of the 80s and has been renovated during the last years. It looks great and is a pleasure to work on during operations.


Modesto Modest is an industrial switching area with a small yard. It can be built in many different shapes to suit the space available. It will in the future also include a engine facility.

DWG-file part 1
DWG-file part 2

Fresno Fresno is built up from 7 sections. It's a passenger station with lots of industries and a interchange to a local operator.


Russian River Module with double track passing over one old and one new bridge.



Prarie Curve and Route 66 Two 45 degree curves, the double track main line passes under Rout 66 on one of the modules.

DWG-file Prarie Curve
DWG-file Route 66

Golden Valley Yard Small yard with an industry and an ice track. Can be built for single track to single track or single track to double track.

DWG-file Golden Valley Yard

Lockit och Lockit ext.

Two modules with a siding. They can be placed together or as two separate modules.

DWG-file Lockit
DWG-file Lockit Ext.


Module for transition from single track to double track, with a road crossing and signals.

DWG-file Midway

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