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MJ Hobbyfair 2015, Älvsjö

A layout with a turn back loop gave us possibilty to run lots of trains and let the public enjoy trains running through the modules.

Modesto 9th street is the newest addition to our layout. It's a module in 9th sections where all the houses are scratch built from photos.

Photo by Dan, Seth and Roland


A view over Modesto 9th street before all the autos and trucks have been placed in the streets


It can be a scary moment to drive through 9th street.


A SD9 with a grain train turns into 9th street.


UP passes through 9th strret.


One example of the nice houses Dan and Seth have built. The construction of the roof took a lot of work.


A series of photos with different trains leaving 9th street on the Tuolumne River Bridge.






City view from Springfield


Springfield yard


Cornwall station, a nice module in autumn colors.


UP1989, SD70ACe passes by Tower Junction.


Mojave, a module built with inspiration from western desserts.


A 70 tonner with an airslide covered hopper passes the smal village Midway
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