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We plan to organize an internal meeting in the Stockholm area during the winter or spring. Contact us if you are interested to visit us during this meeting.

Several of us plan to go to the two Fremo meetings in Kolding during next year.

Welcome to US Modules Sweden!

Do you like American prototypical model railroading. We do!

One problem with building model railroads and following US prototypes is the length of the trains and the number of cars and engines in the trains. People usually have limited space at home to build a model railroad that gives justice to these types of trains. There is the typical problem of operating modern equipment due to the length of the cars and the radius you need to get them to run well.

Modules is an excellent solution to solve both of these problems. You can get layouts with long running distances, large curve radials and yards with capacity to handle modern looking trains. Our modules closely resemble the real prototypes when you observe them in the surrounding of our modules.

Contact us if you are interested in joining our group. You can find more information about this under the "Contact us"-section.

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Latest news

In the end of September were ten of us at the Kolding FREMO meeting. Read more about the activities in the "Earlier meets" section.

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